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Why Sponsor Us

By supporting the Sauder JDC West Team, your business champions the growth of capable and determined students. Gain unparalleled brand exposure to 1300+ students and professionals across Western Canada through events like Appreciation Night, Charity Gatherings, Case Competitions, and Networking Nights.

Event Reach

Showcase your business to a wide audience at JDC and the Sauder community's gatherings.


Connect through weekly case competitions, lunch and learns, and social media to our 1,300+ followers.

Talent Access

Access resumes of UBC's brightest minds and meet the innovators behind Sauder JDC West.

Our Partners


Sponsorship Tiers

NOTE: While we have created these tiers, we are flexible and open to your suggestions about how yourself or your firm and Sauder JDC West can mutually benefit.


  • 5 tailored social media mentions throughout the year

  • Permanent logo placement on social media posts

  • Primary logo placement on team jacket (3’x3’)

  • Banner at events (Chillin’ for Charity, Mock Case Competitions (MCC), Simulations)

  • Naming rights to the event (if sponsoring an event)

  • Opportunity to judge mock case competition practices

  • Opportunity to address Sauder JDC West team in pre-competition dinner

  • Opportunity to address Sauder JDC West team in networking events

  • Opportunity to host multiple info sessions/booths post-practice for delegate

  • Unlimited access to post on monthly email newsletter sent to competitors and subscribers

  • Access to 50+ student resumes who are in the top 5 percentile of their undergraduate class

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Partner with Us

Get in touch by filling out the form. We’ll respond as soon we can.

Thank you! We look forward to working with you.

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